OurSpace - Online Mentoring

OurSpace is an interactive monitored online mentoring platform that enables us to support young people across Australia who cannot participate in traditional face-to-face mentoring programs due to geographic location, long-term illness or disability.

This program aspires to break down the barriers to support isolated young people, providing the same high-quality, intensive, one-to-one mentoring programs via a secure online platform.

OurSpace is run through one of Youth Three Sixty’s founding organisations Big Brothers Big Sisters of Australia and is supported by donations and lottery proceeds raised by Youth Three Sixty.

The platform is anchored in the professional experience of Big Brothers Big Sisters qualified staff members who monitor and support the e-mentoring matches online. Purpose-built for online mentoring, the platform offers the ability to moderate each mentoring interaction in real-time, which ensures we can continue providing best-practice mentoring programs in a digital environment.

OurSpace operates Australia wide

Want to access these services?

If you know a young person that is close to you that could benefit from this service, you can contact Big Brothers Big Sisters of Australia and make an enquiry.

Phone: 1300 463 686

Want to help out?

Youth Three Sixty and its founding organisations are charities that rely heavily on your support! 

A large portion of funds raised through Youth Three Sixty donations and fundraising goes towards the OurSpace online mentoring program. If you want to play a part in this amazing program changing the lives of young people, you can make a donation, or enter our lottery for a chance to win a car, voucher or gold!

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